Friday, May 18, 2012

And We're Back!

I realize it's been about a year since I wrote about anything, so I think a brief update is in order. Last August, I returned Georgia to finish up my masters degree in digital media. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, and the most difficult part of it was completing my masters thesis: an analytical framework for videogame interpretation. If that sounds interesting to you, it means you are very cool person. You can read all 143 pages of it here.

In addition to classes, research, project studios and thesis writing, I also took a job at Georgia Tech's school paper, The Technique, where I served as the Entertainment Editor. All the free time that normally would have been devoted to Sarcasmancy went to the paper, and it was one of the best investments of time and energy I have ever made. Most of the work I did went into editing stories and laying them out, but I did a couple articles here and there that you can find on the paper's website.

Now that I have graduated, I have returned to southern California and I intend to update with something approaching regularity. First of all, I will be uploading a series of short papers that I wrote for Ian Bogost's Historical Approaches to Digital Media class. They are a little on the drier side, but hopefully still interesting. I will also mix in a few brief reviews about books/movies/TV/games/etc (I'm thinking Joe Abercrombie, Avengers, Sherlock and Witcher 2 respectively). I will try to keep things shorter and sweet and I know I say that every time I come back from a ridiculous hiatus, but this time I mean it.

TL;DR? I've been busy.

Sorry for the long absence and thanks for coming back!

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