Friday, August 9, 2013

The Harrowing is Here

After nine months the first draft of my first novel, The Harrowing, is complete. My literary idols are Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman, and Jerry Holkins, but I probably drew most of my inspiration from videogames and anime. As such, most of the book is talking or fighting. No, seriously. I have called it a Young Adult novel before, but what I really mean by that is I wrote the type of thing I would have enjoyed reading as a teenager.

If I haven't deterred you yet, here is my back of the book synopsis:

Jack Hoyle just wanted a bowl of ramen. Instead, he got shot in the head.

After arriving in the nether city of Limbo, where memories are currency and even the architecture is transient, Jack learns the truth behind his death. A ruthless and cunning Reaper named Graves killed him so that he could compete in a tournament known as The Harrowing. 

 Judged by a cosmic being that dwarfs deities, champions compete for the ultimate prize: returning to life. The rules are arcane. The arenas defy logic. The roster consists of the most dangerous souls culled from countless worlds. And those who lose are erased from existence. But Graves knows things others don't: The fate of Creation hinges upon the tournament's outcome, and Jack is uniquely qualified to bend its rules. 

Aided by a mysterious spirit, a former goddess, and an old friend, Jack must undergo Graves' traumatizing training, navigate the afterlife, and slay a parade of opponents both hellish and honorable—preferably without losing his soul in the process. 

 You can rest when you're dead my ass. 

Still with me? Sweet. That means you're a really cool person with exquisite taste. Very probably attractive and intelligent too.

This is the first draft of a first effort. It is a complete product, but not a finished one. I already have a couple ideas on how I can tighten it up and improve it. Maybe add some more stuff that isn't talking or fighting. You know, feelings and shit. What I'm getting at is, this is probably not the definitive edition of this book.

That said, I'm really proud to have completed it. I think it's a hell of a ride and if you want to read it, I'm game. If you want to read a soft copy, shoot me an email at, or message me on Twitter @Sarcasmancer, or send me a message on Facebook with your preferred email address. My conditions are you don't post it anywhere online, and you don't share it with anyone else without my express permission.

See you in Limbo!

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