Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sarcasmancy: Now Featuring Greatest Hits from Hank's Facebook

I know it has been a long time since I updated. It's something of a seasonal pattern. But I recently had one of those 'obvious to everyone else all along' epiphanies. I treat my Facebook feed (or whatever the hell we're calling it this week) more like a blog than this site, and post on it more regularly. Sarcasmancy has always essentially been a nerdy editorial column that is mostly read by facebook friends and relatives.

 Originally the idea was that I would 'maybe' use this blog to build a following and maybe become a legit entertainment critic, but you can't 'maybe' do either of those things. There are too many bloggers and aspiring critics writing good content to succeed with half-assery. I made peace with that a long time ago, and decided to just used this place to practice my writing, establish a voice, and analyze the entertainment I consume so I can learn from it. Occasionally ranting about politics, or current events, or responding to articles. My Facebook feed is the same thing, but in brief.

So Sarcasmancy is just going to be a public, remastered, highlights-reel of that feed. Why do this? Often times I end up putting off posts indefinitely, because I feel they have to reach an arbitrarily-determined depth of discussion. And between work, book writing, and everything else, the time for that depth rarely appears. Whereas with friends, I fire off things as quick as I find them, with a witty quip, comment, or opinion.

In terms of content changes, you can expect more political and political posts, more stuff on design, and more linked content. I will not be including links to the weirder inane fluff that catches my fancy--at least not here. I may start a Tumblr or something to scratch that itch, if people are interested.

To my potentially imaginary Not-Facebook-Friend readers, I cherish you, and sincerely hope you enjoy the new format and keep reading.

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