Saturday, April 4, 2015

Trespassers, Part 1

This morning I finished the first third of my new book, Trespassers. It's already longer than The Harrowing, and I think it's better by a damn sight. It's 260-something pages of contemporary fantasy set in Los Angeles. Here's a proto-jacket blurb:
"For the last three years, Holden Lockheed has lived a life of utter seclusion. Working from home, eating delivery, and living on the internet. That abruptly ends when he receives a visit from The Pinstriped Man. The strange intruder gives him a stranger gift: each night, Holden must relive the day from the perspective of anybody he has seen that day. After seeing the world through the eyes of Lark Wallace, a fearless delivery girl, and Reza Khan, a brilliant fraud, the three of them are drawn into Los Angeles' supernatural underworld."
I'd say more, but seeing how it isn't even a completed story yet, I don't want to give away much. 
Even though I just finished writing it, some lines in chapter 1 are making me wince, and I know it will need some more revisions based on parts 2 and 3. It's also bloated with grammatical errors, (I'm really selling this! Can you tell I write marketing copy?). The take away being: you will have plenty of opportunities to read it later, when it is more complete. Do not feel like this is a one time offer; when I'm done, I will be asking/imploring/conscripting many of you to do your worst.
But if you're curious about what I've been working on for the last fifteen months, let me know and I will shoot you a copy.

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